Below are the support options for both FooGallery Free and FooGallery Pro

Have an Issue / Bug / Problem?

Do you have a problem running either the free or PRO version of FooGallery? There are a few things you can do immediately to try and correct the issue yourself:

  • Update to the latest version. Always make sure you are using the most recent version, as we fix bugs and issues all the time.
  • Clear / purge / delete any site cache.  Your caching mechanism may be caching an older version of the plugin or not including newer scripts or stylesheets. Please purge your caches!
  • Check for errors on the page. Open your developer tools console in the browser and check if there are javascript errors on the page. Most problems we encounter are due to javascript conflicts and errors.
  • Read documentation. Common issues and resolutions can be found in our online documentation, especially the Troubleshooting category. Read our FooGallery documentation.
  • Isolate the problem. Sometimes conflicts with plugins and themes cause issues with FooGallery. If you have a staging environment and are able to, then disable all plugins except FooGallery, and revert to the built in WP theme. Then check if you still have the issue. If not, then you have a plugin or theme conflict. You can determine what the culprit is by activating your theme/plugins ONE AT A TIME, and then testing again. If a test fails, then you have found the conflicting plugin or theme. Including this detail really helps us solve issues a lot faster.
  • Log a support request. Still having issues? Continue reading.

FooGallery PRO Support

The FooGallery PRO license comes with priority support. That is one of the biggest benefits to upgrading to PRO if you use FooGallery on corporate or business websites. It is very simple:

  1. Head over to our documentation site.
  2. Click on the “Open Ticket” link in the top menu on the right.
  3. Fill out the form and your support ticket will be submitted.
  4. We will then be in touch to help you out directly.
  5. We strive to reply to tickets within 12 hours, but due to the time of day and your timezone, we cannot always guarantee that.

FooGallery Free Support Requests

If you use the free plugin and need to ask a question or if you have an upgrade issue or problem viewing your galleries, then follow these steps:

  1. Head over to the FooGallery Support Forum on
  2. Login if you have not done already.
  3. Fill out the form. Remember to always include the page/URL you have issues with.
  4. We will be notified when you submit the thread and we will answer your thread as soon as we can.
  5. We usually respond with 48 hours.