Multi-Level Filtering

FooGallery PRO lets you add multi-level filtering to your gallery. Using the Media tags or categories assigned to the images, you can add multiple levels of filters with multiple filters in each level.

Here’s a gallery with two levels of filters. You can sort the images by selecting a filter in each level, or by refining your search and selecting a filter in both levels.

As you can see, multi-level filtering makes it simple for users to find the images for which they are looking. This is especially true for larger galleries or those that have a wide subject range.

The above gallery has an assortment of images covering all sorts of subjects, so we’ve chosen to make this our first level of filtering. Here you can choose what sort of images you want to see. Then if you want to, you can filter by a particular color. This will narrow down the selection even further. As you can imagine, the more levels of filtering you have, the more you can narrow down the search results.

In this gallery, you may have noticed that when you select Subject in the first level, or Colors in the next level, all of the images for that level show. This is because the generic ‘All’ text, which is used for this button can be changed to represent the subject matter for that level.

Multi-level Filtering Features

To sum up, multi-level filtering includes the following:

  • Use of media tags or categories to create filters. (Pro Tip: Use the Bulk Taxonomy Manager to easily manage tags or categories.)
  • Filter theme (light, dark or custom).
  • Add multiple levels of filters to your gallery.
  • Add multiple filters to each level.
  • Drag and drop filters to rearrange their order.
  • Change the text for generic ‘All’ button.

This feature is available in FooGallery PRO. You can find out more about how it works in this article.