Masonry Image Gallery

The FooGallery Masonry gallery is a popular grid layout that uses optimal space to place images without the need to crop your images. No matter what orientation your images, the masonry gallery template makes your images look great. 

Customize Your Masonry Gallery

There are endless ways to customize your WordPress masonry gallery to make it look perfect for your brand or company website. You can select the number of columns or leave the gallery to choose the best number for you, given the set width, the number of photos and the space required.

Below are the different settings you can customize:

  • Thumb width
  • Masonry layout (fixed, 2 – 5 columns)
  • Gutter width
  • Alignment
  • Lightbox
  • Theme (dark, light or custom)
  • Border Size (none, thin, medium, thick)
  • Rounded Corners (none, small, medium, large, full)
  • Drop Shadow (none, outline, small, medium, large)
  • Inner Shadow (none, small, medium, large)
  • Loading Icon (6 options, or none)
  • Loaded Effect (fade-in or none)
  • Hover Effect – Theme (dark or light)
  • Hover Effect – Color Effect (none, colorize, greyscale)
  • Hover Effect – Scaling Effect (none, scaled, zoomed)
  • Hover Effect – Caption Visibility (none, on hover, always visible, or below thumbnail)
  • Hover Effect – Transition (instant, fade, slide, push)
  • Hover Effect – Icon (7 options or none)

The masonry template is included in FooGallery Free, which includes the captions Below Thumbnail feature.

Can’t wait to get started?