Justified Gallery

The Justified Gallery template showcases your images in a beautiful horizontal layout, without having to crop any images. 

Below is the same gallery but with captions always visible and no thumb borders:

The justified gallery template fits your images into rows of the same height, without the need to crop. This means the thumbs for your landscape and portrait images will be the same height in the gallery. This creates an interesting staggered look when using images of different aspect ratios.

Customize Your Justified Gallery

Besides changing the row height, you can customize your justified gallery in a number of different ways, including:

  • Thumb height
  • Row height
  • Margins
  • Lightbox
  • Last Row (hide, justify, no justify, right, center, left)
  • Theme (dark, light or custom)
  • Border Size (none, thin, medium, thick)
  • Rounded Corners (none, small, medium, large, full)
  • Drop Shadow (none, outline, small, medium, large)
  • Inner Shadow (none, small, medium, large)
  • Loading Icon (6 options, or none)
  • Loaded Effect (fade-in or none)
  • Hover Effect – Theme (dark or light)
  • Hover Effect – Color Effect (none, colorize, greyscale)
  • Hover Effect – Scaling Effect (none, scaled, zoomed)
  • Hover Effect – Caption Visibility (none, on hover, always visible)
  • Hover Effect – Transition (instant, fade, slide, push)
  • Hover Effect – Icon (7 options or none)

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