Image Viewer Gallery

The Image Viewer gallery template provides a great way to showcase your images, and comes in a dark and light theme.

Light Theme

Dark Theme

The image viewer gallery allows you to view the gallery images on your page or post. It users an image viewer from which visitors can scroll through the gallery. Because it uses the image viewer, this gallery won’t open images in a lightbox.

You can adjust the size of the viewing panel, as well as the text that appears in the bottom navigation area. You can also add various effects; below is an example of the Image Viewer Gallery with one of the hover presets available in FooGallery PRO.

FooGallery PRO Hover Effect “Jazz”

Not Linked Example

The demo below shows an Image Viewer gallery, but with the link setting to “none”. This disables the ability to click on an image in a lightbox.

The image viewer template is included in FooGallery Free.

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