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Don't just take our word for it. See what our users have to say...

  • John Hawkins - 9seeds
    John Hawkins - 9seeds - I absolutely loved how easy it is to make the gallery look different than every other gallery on every other site.
  • Rebecca Gill - Web Savvy Marketing
    Rebecca Gill - Web Savvy Marketing - A wonderful fit for users who need a lightweight plugin that creates beautiful galleries without the need for custom styling or coding.

Instant Gallery Previews

Tired of Bloated and Buggy Gallery Plugins? So Were We.

FooGallery sets a new standard for WordPress gallery plugins. Developed by the same team that brought you FooBox, FooGallery is the most solid and user friendly gallery plugin ever made.

  • Drag and Drop Reordering

    Arrange your images exactly the way you want with the built-in drag and drop reordering feature in every gallery you create.

  • Gallery Templates

    Choose from several included gallery templates for each individual gallery you create. Didn’t find one you like? Easily create your own!

  • Lightbox Support

    FooGallery works seamlessly with FooBox Free or Pro. We’ve also included support for other lightboxes for maximum flexibility.

  • NextGEN Import Tool

    NextGEN is a fine gallery, but has become too complex for some users. Easily import and convert your NextGEN galleries and images into FooGallery.

  • Visual Editing

    FooGallery uses the native WordPress visual display and editing features. Easily add a new gallery or edit your existing galleries right from your page or post.

  • Copy to Clipboard

    Of course, each FooGallery also comes with it’s own shortcode for use anywhere on your site. Just click the shortcode once and it’s automatically copied to your clipboard.

  • One-Click Gallery Page Creation

    After creating a gallery, easily create a new page on your site and insert your gallery, all with one simple click. Saved by default to Draft mode, or Publish immediately.

  • Optional Video Galleries

    If you’re using our FooVideo extension, FooGallery Pro will automatically support the creation of beautiful video galleries, including additional video-specific templates.

  • And So Much More...

    FooGallery includes so many features, you’ll be amazed. To see more demos and example galleries, visit the demos link below or simply give it a try right now.

Gallery Pagination Options

See What Else FooGallery Can Do

The possibilities are almost limitless!

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You know that beautiful image display is the backbone of any successful website. That's why we offer plans to fit the needs of individual site owners, developers, and agencies.


Best for: site owners to give their users the best visual experience possible


  • 1 Site
  • Premium Support
  • Software Updates


Best for: power users or online businesses to feature their media beautifully


  • 5 Sites
  • Premium Support
  • Software Updates


Best for: developers or agencies to grow their brands and impress clients


  • 25 Sites
  • Premium Support
  • Software Updates

Are You a Developer or Designer? Now You Can Stop Hacking Other Gallery Plugins to Deliver What Your Clients Need.

FooGallery was built to be extended by developers. It comes packed with dozens of hooks and filters and an easy to build templating system for displaying your galleries exactly the way you need.

Developer and Designer Friendly...

  • Pippin Williamson - EasyDigitalDownloads
    Pippin Williamson - EasyDigitalDownloads - FooGallery takes the standard gallery creation process that we expect to see and then makes it awesome. The attention to detail FooPlugins has put into it, from the code base to the preview thumbnails shown on galleries, really makes this plugin shine.
  • John Turner - Coming Soon Pro
    John Turner - Coming Soon Pro - FooGallery's Build Your Own feature was super easy to get up and going. The boilerplate extension that is created for you is well documented and intuitive for Developers.

A Premier Gallery Solution for Developers, Designers and You

FooGallery lays the groundwork for a completely different gallery experience in WordPress. It's lightweight, extensible, and infinitely scalable with the entire community in mind.

  • Developers

    Enhance FooGallery by building your own extensions using the available hooks and filters. Put them on the repo, or get them listed in the FooGallery Extensions tab.

  • Designers

    Customization options are endless using the built-in gallery templating system. Create the exact gallery your clients demand and become a hero.

  • You

    FooGallery is simple to use and works right out of the box. Advanced development and design features are 100% optional.

FooGallery Free

Download from and get started building beautiful galleries right away.

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FooGallery Pro

Take your WordPress-powered business or those of your clients to the next level.

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